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Do I need to take out the laces?
Yes. Doing so will make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and also stop them from becoming tangled within the shoes.

Can I put my footwear in the tumble dryer to dry them?
You’re best leaving your shoes to dry naturally. We advise against tumble drying.

Can I put more than one pair of shoes in the bag?
The bag is designed to hold one pair of shoes at a time.

Can I use more than one pod in a wash?
Yes. If you’re shoes are dirtier than normal you can add one extra pod. There is no need to use more than this.

I have delicate fabrics on my shoes, are the Cleaning Pods safe to use?
Yeah the pods are safe to use, and work great on all types of fabric, even delicate ones.

Do I need to add any other products to the wash?
All you needs is the bag and pod, nothing else.

My shoes are extra dirty, will this still work?
Yeah, but be sure to brush off as much dirt as possible with a brush before putting them into the bag.

Can I increase the temperature of the wash to over 30°C? 
We advise washing at 30°C and the cleaning pods have been designed to work best at this temperature. You shouldn’t increase the temperature beyond 30°C.

Can I clean leather or suede shoes with the Cleaning Pods?
If the shoes have leather or suede parts then cleaning them with the pods will be fine. However, if the shoes are mainly leather or suede then we advise against putting them in a washing machine.

Can I clean faux leather shoes with Cleaning Pods?
Yeah the pods are great for cleaning vinyl, faux and all types of imitation leather.